Jeanine Bradley: Raleigh, NC

"Four years ago today (July 13, 2015) I was a single mom with a 5 year old and I lost my job due to cutbacks. Mike and I were already engaged and planning an October wedding. When we looked at $1500 a month for Cobra insurance for me and Ella or not having any, we decided to get our license and get married before the 30 days we had. We went to get our marriage license and were told marriages started at 2pm. Dressed in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops we decided WHY NOT??? We went to The Oxford and drank champagne and called Kelly A. Arrington who met us at the court house. There was no one there and we needed a 2nd witness and the comedy of going up and down the elevator and through the hallways commenced. It was a perfect day turning something negative and stressful into the most beautiful and positive experience we could muster. Mike and I continue to do just that all the time with everything life throws our way. That day was so "us" on many dimensions."

Akilah Smith: Project Manager - Charlotte, NC

"I met Kelly through mutual good friends and from our first meeting I knew she was special. Years passed and I had the opportunity to reconnect with Kelly on an educational level. Her drive, ambition and spiritual words encouraged me to change my life. From her inspiration, I now have two degrees, a great job and am continuing my education by starting law school this Fall 2015 at the Charlotte School of Law. She is a motivator and truly cares about people and guiding you to your passion. Thank you so much and I wish you continued success. You are going to help so many people and go beyond your dreams!!!!"

Ricky Guyton: Greenville, SC

"After being in my field of work for 20 plus years , the company that I had given everything to, changed direction and I was having a terrible time facing the unknown . Ms Kelly helped me face the emotional blocks that were keeping me from finding the next opportunity , with her help I was able to refocus , strategize and plot a new direction for my life. I am truly grateful for all her guidance in helping me move from a cloudy place."

Alisa Drakeford: Raleigh, NC

"Wow, I want to thank God for the glory of this awesome friendship and sisterhood shared since high school. Kelly sets trends and has done so for a long time, I am not surprised! Excited yes, she a phenomenal, influential woman in many areas respectful & beautiful, supportive sister driven to worker hard for herself and others. She's a no-nonsense type of mother,a fabulous Glam-ma and a obedient daughter of God. she shows great strength of the creator and demonstrated her ability to motivate and inspire her peers and beyond. It is without doubt Purpose 4 Living Inc. will deliver growth to every individual who puts forth the effort to seek a change and purpose in there life. Kelly's professional style is committed to her mission and greatest accomplishments in teaching people to be empowered no matter the obstacles."

Dolores Adams: Cary, NC

" I have known Kelly for quite some time and have seen first-hand what a talented, dedicated, and caring person she is. Several years ago when we worked for the same company, my manager decided to retire, which caused me to be placed in a completely new role. Fortunately, I ended up on the same team as Kelly, and even better, she took me under her wing and firmly but patiently taught me the ins and outs of Project Management. Her knowledge was beyond compare, and she was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I grasped the concepts and skills to succeed. This was not something she did just for me. Kelly easily thinks outside the box to find new, innovative ways to help others become successful. It is her passion, and she's very good at it. Anyone who longs to improve their life, circumstances, or skills should contact Kelly. She is a true professional, but more importantly, she really cares about those whom she helps.."

Darryel Washington: Financial Leads - Raleigh, NC

"Thank you Kelly Arrington for assisting me on discovering my hidden treasures that God has provided me to shine amongst men. Kelly has shown to me that everyone needs a co-pilot in their lives that has their best interest in heart. Sometimes man will go through life just drifting away; so it's imperative to have a life coach like you my sister to help strong and focused men and women like myself to bring everything pass or present into perspective!!!!"

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