Our mission is to work closely with individuals to "Shine Light in those Dark Places" by providing coaching to those that are willing to take the proper steps to identify their needs and develop a plan of measurable action to help them grow personally and professionally! The process will in-turn transform their vision into reality.


About the CEO/Founder

Kelly A. Arrington overcame many life challenges and Beat The Odds of being raised in an environment of drugs, alcohol and abuse. Kelly made many wrong choices in her life but feels that those experiences and God’s Grace is what helped her identify who she is and it was the Pain that Pushed her to her Purpose.  As a young woman Kelly found herself informally coaching many and never understood that this was a natural gift that god placed within until many people over the years shared the impact that she had on their lives. 

Today, Kelly knows who she is, knows her purpose and has a commitment to Serve other to find their "Purpose 4 Living" The now  CEO, Visionary and Founder of “Purpose4Living Inc.” dedicates her life motivating, inspiring and helping tap into gifts that lives on the inside of others to  “Birth Purpose”. The “We All got the same daddy” co-author is a Mother of Two and Minister, Excelling from GED to a Master’s Degree in Healthcare, Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Master Project Manager, Certified Life Coach and Owner of KA Management Property Management.  Arrington’s determination allowed her to persevere through her life’s challenges “Beating the Odds” and serves as a forward thinker who looks at adversities as building materials requiring the right tools for growth and a beautiful outcome.

Meet the Team

Mark Thomas

Public Affairs

Marques S. Grundy

Coach/ Advisor

Akeem Revan

Financial Officer

Alisa Drakeford

Unity Development Advisor

Patrice Johnson

Coach of Special Projects

Thornton Watson IV

Outreach Advocate

Michelle Brown

Outreach Advocate

Hyacinthe Edwards

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Marie Johnson

Operations Officer

Felicia Mornings

Training and Development

Patrica Burton

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Joyce Lewis

Executive Program/ Compliance Director

Do you know what it's like to Beat the Odds...

Do you know what it's like to find yourself in a Stagnate place with no direction? Do you see value and purpose in our mission? Your donations will help empower individuals, build self-confidence, and develop independence.