Kelly needed an escape from the chaos of her environment and planned her life at 13 years old. She signed herself out of high school and moved away to a Job Corps Center in Callicoon, NY. After reflecting back, Kelly recognized that this is where she first demonstrated her motivational and coaching gift. Kelly graduated with a GED in 8 months at the age of 16, went to business school and landed a Job at AT&T. With the help of a mentor, Kelly worked with many successful people with all levels of educational degrees. 

Kelly was always grateful for the position she was in, and always felt that it was God that qualified her because of the road she traveled. A manager once told her that ‘although you don’t have all the educational degree’s that your co-workers hold, what you do have is the highest level of intelligence and that is “Common Sense”!’ She embedded those words in her heart and Today, Kelly knows who she is, she knows her purpose and has a commitment to Serve others to find their “Purpose 4 Living” The now  CEO, Visionary and Founder of “Purpose4Living Inc.” dedicates her life motivating, inspiring and helping tap into gifts that lives on the inside of others to “Birth Purpose”.

The “We All got the same daddy” co-author is a Mother of Two and Minister, Excelling from GED to a Master’s Degree in Healthcare, Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Masters in Project Management, Certified Life Coach and Owner of KA Management Property Management. Arrington’s determination allowed her to persevere through her life’s challenges “Beating the Odds” and serves as a forward thinker who looks at adversities as building materials requiring the right tools for growth and a beautiful outcome. Kelly’s PURPOSE is to pour back into others by inspiring, motivating, engaging and empowering people to know that their circumstances does not define who they are or what they can be or do in life.